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We offer innovative waste solutions tailored specifically for your business.  Whatever your waste management needs are, we’ve got you covered, just see the sections below for the waste types we can process for you.  Whether you are a small business or a national organisation we can advise and implement a complete service from the top down.

Our sole focus is on delivering prime resource management for our customers.  By targeting cost efficiencies, best practice, treatment and recovery options for all waste types, we can guarantee excellence specific to each customer and individual needs.

Confidential Waste

Confidential waste is materials which companies no longer need to store, but which are private, or which contain information covered by the Data Protection Act of 1998. It is the sort of paperwork that you would not want to be viewed by unauthorised personnel or someone outside the company, particularly if it contains sensitive information about your staff, customers or suppliers.

Failing to dispose of confidential waste can lead to a variety of negative outcomes, not just prosecutions under the law. This could include, for example, identity theft, fraud, and unauthorised copying or sharing or your intellectual property. It could even be deliberately used for industrial espionage.

Paper & Board

Recycling is a key environmental concern, but especially when it comes to paper.

Just about any industry can produce paper waste, although depending on what your workplace does will vary how much your exact output is. If you work in an office, you will likely have a lot of small scrap or shredded paper. If you work at a factory that relies heavily on paper wrapping, you will have much larger sheets of paper that need recycling. Any industry that is using paper will therefore produce paper waste. Paper waste management is key to efficiency, while having a recycling strategy in place will ensure a greater environmental impact than just throwing it away in your main bins. It is your company’s duty to implement these kinds of responsible practices.

Hazardous Waste

It is a criminal offence for organisations to mix hazardous waste with ordinary waste. If hazardous waste is not managed in the appropriate way it can be extremely harmful to the environment and to human health.

The Strategy for Hazardous Waste Management in England (2010), sets out principles to advise those who handle, manage and operate hazardous waste. Any producer or holder of hazardous waste has a legal ‘duty of care’ to manage the storage and disposal of hazardous waste safely and appropriately. Failing to manage hazardous waste can result in heavy fines and potentially, an immediate closure of your business.

General Waste

We work with many businesses across the UK from the small SME’s to the National Companies to provide a reliable and sustainable waste collection service.


Our waste collection service is designed around your individual business needs.  We supply all container types from small wheelie bins up to the 40yd roll-on-off containers. 


We can offer Nationwide coverage and handle all waste types with collection frequencies that suit you. General waste services can even be combined with our various other recycling services for extra efficiency.


The plastic recycling process involves collecting and sorting scrap or waste plastic in order to melt it down and turn it into something else.


We can help your business by arranging a regular collection of all of your commercial waste and sorting it for you. We understand that you want your time and your staff’s time to be used focusing on what your business does best, and might not have time for recycling management. As such, we will come and consult you at your premises to come up with a plan for your plastic recycling disposal, as well as collecting all your other business waste.

We provide free bins and offer low cost waste collections through out the UK.  Contact us today and we'll get you sorted.


ProTerra can offer you the exact services you need to recycle your metals and make sure you are receiving the best price and service at all times. 


Recycling metal reduces pollution, saves resources, reduces waste going to landfills and prevents the destruction of habitats from mining new ore. Virtually all metals can be recycled into high quality new metal. The process varies for different metals but generally recycling produces metals of equivalent quality. In environmental terms, the issue is clear. EU figures indicate that using recycled raw materials, including metals, cuts CO2 emissions by some 200 million tonnes every year.

Food Waste

Everyone has a part to play in reducing their food waste – perhaps none more so than businesses who produce significant amounts of commercial food waste.

What are your legal obligations as an organisation? How can you improve how you dispose of food waste? Proterra is a leading UK food waste collection and disposal company, helping companies nationwide to dispose of their waste safely and responsibly.

We provide free bins and offer low cost food waste collections through out the UK.  Contact us today and we'll get you sorted.


Recycling wood offers a real opportunity to reduce landfill, reduce emissions to the atmosphere and to improve the economic vitality and bring value back to your business. 


We can recycle all types of wood, soft and hard, such as pallets, MDF, Hardboard, Plywood and Chipboard for example and we even handle Hazardous Wood Waste containing CCA (copper chrome and arsenate) such as railway sleepers and utility poles.  Hazardous wood containing CCA (copper chrome and arsenate) and other hazardous timbers are treated differently.

We offer full certificates of destruction in relation to Hazardous Wood waste disposal.  It is now illegal to co-mingle Hazardous wood with non-hazardous wood waste.


ProTerra is at the forefront of innovation.  We pride ourselves on our approach to both the collection of redundant material and gaining access to pioneering new technologies we can use in order to offer advanced and innovative recycling processes in the UK.


ProTerra has a vision for a better alignment in green strategic direction in order to deliver sustainable waste recycling solutions.  It has long been common practice to recover and recycle old uPVC windows and factory off-cuts after the window has been fabricated. These materials are then incorporated with virgin polymer to produce further long life products including window profiles.

Confidential Document Destruction Limited (CDDL) is a sister company to Proterra Recycling Solutions.


CDDL helps businesses comply with the new GDPR legislation regarding the control, storage and destruction of confidential paper work.


CDDL pride themselves on working with all business sizes, whether you have a few employees or hundreds of employees.


CDDL have a culture of “doing what we say we will do.” We enjoy working with and helping our customers solve problems whilst reducing costs where possible.


CDDL operate with transparent values. We actively encourage our customers to visit our site, so that they understand our costs and our margins.


We believe in our employees. They make us what we are. We believe in investing in our employees and, most of all, we want our employees to say, “we love working for CDDL”.

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Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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